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COVID-19/Coronavirus Response
Our Response to COVID-19/Coronavirus (Tour Information):

Updated 01/10/2020

Since our tours require close proximity to other travellers, recent events and decisions by health professionals have unfortunately required us to cancel several of our tours in order to protect our valued clients. All tours for 2020 after the quarrantine were cancelled.

New tours are being added for 2021. We are very much still in business and hoping to see each of you when we (hopefully) resume our tours this year! Please check our Upcoming Tour Page for updated tours!!

If you have any questions regarding these tours or any others, especially regarding availability of refunds, please feel free to call us at 920-866-9733 or 1-800-844-9733.

Please remember, that the most updated tour information can be found here on our website. If a tour was published in our most recent brochure and is no longer on our website, chances are it has been cancelled due to the epidemic.

We will try to keep this page updated with any other cancellations that may occur due to the situation.

Stay strong, stay healthy, and practice social distancing.

We look forward to travelling with you in the near future!

Kathy Nooyen

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